Your Lawyer – Timucin Özbek

Photos by & special thanks to Jan Grewe:

I was born in Hannover/Germany. During my law studies at the University of Bielefeld (yes, despite contrary claims this city actually exists) I consitently set my priorities on labor and private law.

Subsequently to my legal education I worked for 10 years as an Human Resources Manager for VIVA in Cologne, MTV and eBay in Berlin/Germany and provided counselling to and representation of the employer regarding all labor law related issues of the entire Employment Life Cycle, all along the line from Recruiting to terminations.

The foundation of an own law firm with focus on labor law in 2014 was just the next logical step in my personal development.

Employers will receive an all-encompassing counselling throughout the complete employment life cycle: Pragmatic and fast resolutions, which are tailored to your personal requirements, your company culture and your HR processes. Counselling, negotiating and drafting of documents could be provided in English if required, too. Translations of legal documents English/German are also available.

Employees will benefit from my professional experience as valuable knowledge about employer strategies will be considered, too. This lays the foundations for quick solutions and good results.

Irrespective of approaching me as an employer or employee: You decide on an experienced lawyer with personality and business accumen who understands and talks your „language“! My broad professional experience as an HR Manager will especially help you in negotiations and resolving conflicts by using appropriate communication.