I advise employees on all individual labor law related issues and plead cases in court or public authorities. When communicating to your employer I will consider the company culture in order to reduce harmful effects on your ongoing employment relationship. If different alternatives exist I will plainly explain them to you. This will provide a solid ground for your decision making. Here are just some examples of my services for you:
  • Disciplinary actions

    Counselling on how to react when a disciplinary action was issued against you

  •  Dismissals

    Claims for wrongful dismissal in cases of ordinary or extra ordinary dismissals, please note that claims for wrongful dismissal need to be raised within 3 weeks after the termination was issued

  •  Employment contracts

    Support regarding all provisions of your employment contract

  •  Limited contracts

    Counselling on the effectiveness of limited contracts and claims for ineffective limitations

  •  Parental leave and maternity protection

    Support on parental leave and maternity protection issues, e.g. duration, split or work during or after parental leave

  •  Part time

    Options of part time provisions and return to full time, claims for part time

  •  Reference letters

    Support regarding your reference and its wording

  •  Salary

    Counselling on salary, especially variable shares (bonus, pay for performance and claims for salary)

  •  Termination agreements

    Drafting and negotiating of termination Agreements

  •  Transfers

    Support regarding assignments of differents tasks and/or responsibilities and/or a different place of work to you by your employer on a permanent or temporary Basis

  •  Vacation

    Advice on vacation entitlement, e.g. , scope, denial of requests by your employer, exit during the running calendar year, payoff or educational leave

  •  Working hours

    Counselling on position, duration and arrangement of working hours and overtime, provisions e.g. regarding shift plans, standby service and business trips