Employers receive an all-encompassing counselling throughout the complete employment life cycle: Pragmatic and fast resolutions, which are tailored to your personal requirements, your company culture and your HR processes. I will concurrently provide an appropriate and bidirectonal communication of interests of employer, employees and their representatives. Counselling, negotiating and drafting of documents could be provided in English if required, too. Translations of legal documents English/German are also available. Here are some focus areas and examples of my legal support:
  • Contractors

    Service agreements for freelancers and counselling regarding legal risks, status determination Actions

  •  Disciplinary actions

    How to draft a legally valid disciplinary action and resolutions of conflicts

  •  Dismissals

    Ordinary or extraordinary terminations and claims of your employees for wrongful dismissals

  •  Employment contracts

    Drafting of service and employment contracts, support regarding their provisions

  •  Limited contracts

    Counselling on limited employment contracts and limited changes of tasks and responsibilites of an an employee, claims for unlimited contracts/wrongful limitations

  •  Parental leave and maternity protection

    Support on parental leave and maternity protection issues, e.g. duration, split or work during or after parental leave

  •  Part time

    Options of part time provisions, claims for part time

  •  Policies

    Drafting of policies, such as bonus schemes, phone and internet usage guidelines, code of conduct, travel costs etc.

  •  Reference letters

    Support regarding the drafting of reference letters or in case if employees do not agree with your draft

  •  Reorganisations

    360° counselling regarding the reorganisation of your company structure, e.g. TUPE (transfer of undertakings), mass terminations, settlement of interests and social plans, transfers, termination agreements, dismissals

  •  Termination agreements

    Drafting and negotiating of termination agreements with your employees and their lawyers

  •  Trainings

    Labor law trainings for your leadership team, tailored to your individual needs, inhouse or nice external location possible

  •  Vacation

    Support with vacation provisions, eductional or unpaid leave

  •  Working hours

    Counselling on position, duration and arrangement of working hours and overtime, provisions e.g. regarding shift plans, standby service and business trips

  •  Works Council

    Support regarding the beneficial coopeartion with works councils, e.g. elections, rights and duties, ways of working, processes, drafting and negotiating of works agreements, arbitration, conflict resolution, termination of works council members, collective labor law suits